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Social Etiquette
  • What is the proper way to display good sportsmanship after a sporting event?
  • What are the proper forms of address when the lady is higher ranked than the man?
  • Who gets on/off an elevator first, men or women?

The return to traditional values is bringing about an increased appreciation of good manners. But good manners must not be self-conscious. They must be practiced so that they become automatic. Today, in the fiercely competitive business arenas, social graces and etiquette is simply another tool you need. While etiquette alone won't get you anywhere, it will give you that extra edge that will make the difference between you and another person who is just as smart.

The training that we offer for this topic consists of the following content:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Dress code for ceremonies
  • Etiquette in public places
  • Gift giving etiquette
  • Seasonal arrangements
  • Home party etiquette
  • General useful tips on social graces

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