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Strategic Sales Skills Training Workshop

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Sales and Marketing Skills
  • How do you close almost 100% of your prospects?
  • How do you eliminate appointment cancellations from your prospects?
  • How should you present your selling product?

Aristotle designed a persuasion strategy over 2,300 years ago, which turned out to be the key to closing any sale. It works by addressing the prospect's hidden issues, and setting off automatic purchasing triggers. We frequently meet questions when facing our clients like what is the emotional reason why buyers buy, which question should be asked of the prospect, how to create trust with your prospect, etc. Our course will give you these solutions step by step and on a practical basis.

The training that we offer for this topic consists of the following content:

  • Prospecting your buyer
  • Client qualification
  • Presentation techniques
  • Getting agreement with clients
  • Showing of consideration
  • How to create your uniqueness
  • Self management
  • Client relationship

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