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The term "The Guest behind the Curtain" comes from the ancient Chinese monarchic age where the emperors deliberately outsourced the most brilliant persons to provide their sophisticated advices and strategies to run the country, administer the constitution and even vanquish other countries.

Di & Cooke Company Limited was founded in 1991 and it first started to help its clients on both management and financial consultancy. Over the years, Di & Cooke has distinguished itself from competitors in how well it anticipates clients' needs and in its ability to match its staff and resources to clients' objectives.

The company's high performance standards, professionalism, quality assurance mechanisms, and high level of customer satisfaction have contributed to Di & Cooke's excellent reputation within the market. It has further provided services from 1999 such as strategic corporate promotion as well as human resources management to its clients.

From 2001, with our extensive background in management and financial aspects, our services went a step beyond conventional consultancy: we have introduced "Professional Image Development" into the consultancy programme. Our theories are considered educational, enlightening and entertaining.

Our philosophy is that image development is an essential business skill that can improve an individual's effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction, as well as the company's bottomline whom he belongs. Understanding the impact of personal choices and the messages they convey is the first step to developing a positive image. Professionalism, social graces and effective communication skills can be educated and they in turn set the climate for success. When each element of image has been analyzed and developed, confidence is the result.

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