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Professional Image Foundation Training Workshop

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Professional Image Foundation
  • What should I wear when I meet my client?
  • Is there a difference between Business Attire and Formal Dressing?
  • How can I leave a good first impression to others when I first meet them?

Just a few seconds. It’s all you’ve got to create a first impression of yourself on any person you meet, whether he or she is a potential customer, a new colleague or boss, or any new personal or professional acquaintance. That's why to be successful in your job, your business, your career, your whole life, you have to learn how to create and manage an enticing and convincing professional image.

The training that we offer for this topic consists of the following content:

  • Colour and fabrics on professional attire
  • Different attires on different occasions
  • How to dress business casual
  • Power of colour and its message conveyed
  • How to leave a positive first impression
  • Eye contact and correct posture when talking

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