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Western Cuisine Cooking Class

與友共廚 Cooking With Friends

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Asian Cuisine Cooking Class $480

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Culinary Workshop

Enhancement of your culinary skills not only can develop your own cooking competence but also develop your perception towards different gourmets and their ingredients, and learn how to appreciate high quality of living.

Our cooking workshops are conducted under a casual and friendly atmosphere through illustration, practicing and group games. Our trainer has solid on-going experience on delivering cooking classes, consultations on catering events and private dining functions.

Our Trainer
Jennifer Chan

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Jennifer's passion in cooking has led the continual development of her culinary skills over the past 15 years. Having inherited a strong foundation from her French godmother, Jennifer insisted to enhance her cooking technique by perusing, consulting and experimenting on various top chefs' recipes, and broadening her perspective through traveling and fine dining. From her point of view, Cooking is a touch of perception and creativity whereas precision quantity of ingredient matching and exquisite presentation are the key points.

Up to 2017, the number of students who were taught by Jennifer in private cooking classes  has been accumulated to more than 4,000.

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