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Business Etiquette Training Workshop

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Business Etiquette
  • How do you introduce between your boss and an important client?
  • Is it correct to exchange name cards during a social function?
  • You're greeting or saying good-bye to someone. When's the proper time to shake their hand?

As we are living in a very competitive society, when interacting with others, the first impression we give to them face-to-face, on the phone, or via correspondence can make or break those relationships. Our training program will assist you in getting to that next rung on your career ladder in terms of enhancement of your professional style, communication skills and business protocol knowledge.

The training that we offer for this topic consists of the following content:

  • Meeting and introduction etiquette
  • Office and cubicle etiquette
  • Business lunch etiquette
  • Gift giving etiquette
  • The art of thank you note
  • Home party etiquette with associates
  • General useful tips on business protocol

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